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Just like every other reptile enthusiast, I started collecting reptiles at a young age. As a child I would always find my self walking through creeks and lifting up rocks to see what I could bring home, luckily I had understanding parents. I bought my first ball python in 1995 but unfortunately I had to end up giving him up as I went to college.

Fast forward to August 2007, I was sitting down reading the local paper when I saw a picture from the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona Beach. Since nothing was planned for the day I figured I would take my then 6 year old daughter to the show to let her see some of the things I was interested in when I was her age. What I saw amazed me, when I first got my BP in 1995 there was only one mutation and that was the albino which was going for over $25,000 at the time. I was hooked and starting buying into projects right away.

As of today I have added multiple morphs to my collection with the help of many great people like Greg Graziani, Tracy Barker, Eugene Bessette, Michael Cole, and the Bell's to name a few. We currently specialize in Ball Pythons but will have some very exciting Blood and Sumatran Python projects hatching in the next year so make sure you check our available page and contact us if you have any questions or are interested in adding some investment quality reptiles to your collection.

Jeremy Smith